Trump made the foolish mistake to challenge me once again to a best of 9 using all 9 classes. The Fool!!!
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  1. My first legendary was Thrall and I made a very similar evolve deck, minus the avalanche and lightning storm for more card draw, and every game I play still ends up exactly as Amaz game did. You never draw what you need and die to face in 5 turns or die to control before you can even attempt to evolve your board… It's frustrating.

  2. KFT showdown yet amaz's priest deck had 2 KFT cards and warrior had 7 not really and trumps Mage seemed to have minimal I would've liked to seem a heavier consistency of the cards even if the decks wernt AMAZing

  3. Where can i use Bloodreaver Guldan, Malfurion the Pestilent and Scourgelord Garrosh? I just want to be on legend ranked using this Legendaries. Can anyone help me build a deck? Thanks.

  4. Aight, this has been my luckiest expansion ever. I'm a f2p Pleb who doesn't play Hunter, Warlock, Druid (for Dust Reasons). My 1st 3 legendarys were: Scourge Garrosh (1500 plus wins on Warrior), Lich Jaina, Hollow Valeera (Jade Rogue beeing my fav. Deck) <3

  5. Thanks to the editor for making everything including both cams and hands available for us to see. Looks like a lot of work I have to like for all the effort for us viewers ????????????????❤️