Stealing meth leads to a cross county bike chase adventure. Also, Simon is an idiot. ► SUBSCRIBE

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  1. Loving these types of gta vids the camra format is really nice…shows los santos in a whole new light…i only play on xbox 360 so my graphics.are ok but dammmn this looks good…and first person is not in 360 version so im missing out….it looks amazing

  2. Plz can someone tell me where to get the lowrider dlc and biker dlc….are they only on next gen? And only for online? And last question is are they free dlc like all the rest like beach bum and ill gotten gains…plzzzzz someone help

  3. I like these kinds of vids plz do more also i cant find ep 11 or 10 and lower. oh and im just suggesting but i feel like you should do one of those animated series like you used to do but this time bout gta ; )