The boys shoot some missiles, run some guns, bike some rockets, and complete their missions in the finale to the Mobile Operations series in GTA Online.

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  1. I pay 380 a month for myself and still have to pay 120$ for a doctor's visit. Mid level health insurance with a 8000$ deductable and they tell me I don't qualify for Obamacare. Ask again why so many people want a change in healthcare

  2. Geoff, Gavin and Jeremy are the chaos trio of the main six. If they're not balanced out by two of Jack, Ryan and Matt, very little gets done, or if it does, it gets done in the least efficient way possible.

  3. You know I respect everyone's political views and what not, but I come to these videos to laugh and escape the madness that is this world of political bs. I really wish they'd leave it out of the videos cause myself and I'm sure numerous others are sick of this madness

  4. So between the brief 20 seconds of the crew mentioning Trump's new healthcare, and the swarm of angry man-babies loosing their shit and complaining up a storm about a conversation that is soon forgotten, guess which one is actually more cancerous and annoying.

  5. The Xbox One version has some bad glitches. The Rocket bike lights you on fire, and the cannons barely work properly. I can only assume there are more jarring glitches

  6. no the mission is on hard, i mean look at Titan of a job, if you put that mission on hard, you get 1 life so… it appears to be the same here

    also Gavin got aim botted in the air… it's seriously dumb how the AI is that good