GTA 5 Online has the Best Cinematic Series you can find! Watch Neebs and the Gang try their first Low rider Mission!

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  1. Can you calm the cursing down. As much as they shouldn't children watch your videos including mine. He loves the concepts and ideas but always asks why they swear. Please tone it down. We know the two that curse all the time.

  2. FYI "Clap" is to kill, not shoot. So Simon saying "I got clapped, but I'm okay." makes me giggle.
    Simon, turn your map on please….
    Oh, and if you select a two-handed weapon such as an assault rifle you will hang out the door. With an SMG you'll stay seated.

  3. You guys are awesome! I lost it a couple of times, I had to pause it when Thick and Simon were "organising" themselves, then again when I saw Simon diving out of the car. Hilarious!