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Wuh oh! Welcome back to the Zone, the Family Zone! This TV sitcom is filmed in front of a live audience who have direct control over triggering laugh tracks and other reactions. None of the interactions are scripted, we just simply go with the flow! Wuh oh!

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The Family Zone follows the Zone family– Cal, Sasha, Frank, Grandpa, and Sasha’s ex-husband Dave as they support and love each other in everyday normal life! But hey, don’t forget about Garfield! He’s there too! Also Chip! and Doob! And Count Doug! We’ve got a whole bunch of Family in this Zone! Wuhoh! Dave’s still here too!

Criken – Dave Cuckold
MrLawlman – Cal Zone
Kiwo – Sasha Zone
Buck – Frank Zone
Bedbananas – Garfield
Tomato – Grandpa
Shayne Hawke – Chip
FistoftheWalrus – Doob

Edited by Shayne Hawke:


  1. The cringe is real with this video… seriously the friend zone was funny because it was just fucking with people but this feels like REALLY bad acting, like it's tying too hard to actually be a stupid soap opera

  2. Think of everything wrong about old comedy shows, and stick abunch of awkward people who are only amater actors, and force then to perform in front of a few hundred people: The Family Zone

  3. So Dave is the father of VR boy, VR boy later ascends and becomes No arms Leeroy, Leeroy goes on to become an official unofficial member of the Friend Zone, does this mean Earthworm Jerry: the Return of the Worms is cannon?