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Sky Daddy still hasn’t come home, but that isn’t stopping Achievement Hunter from expanding their Sky Factory.

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In this episode, Geoff has trouble with chickens, Jeremy builds a death ray, Gavin makes some additions to the Tower of Pimps, Michael plants the Forest of Mystery, Jack accidentally makes a friend, and Lindsay does her best.

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  1. this is getting painful to watch now…… theyre on lets play minecraft episode 300+…. amillion hours on the pc…. they dont know the basics of how to turn off sticky keys, shift crouch, sheer leaves….. michael could atleast turn off all of those death way points like ALL of the other guys. Ryan, please come back and fix them.
    on a side note. gav and jeremys exploration into different mods they dont know about is definitely interesting. whatever jack is attempting to set up would be cool if he was excited like jeremy

  2. if you all want to bish them out then for get you you all are bitches, cuz all you want to do is bish them out for something they did or did not do wrong, well i say fuck you, you all dont know shit when it cam to it it, so dont bitch then out for doing something wrong… you all cant bish how about when you did not know shit… so heres a thing dont bish them out for not know shit