Imagine what Minecraft would be like if the option to leave the game on servers & on single player was completely removed from the game. Everyone would be forced to play the game… forever. How would this affect people…. and even mobs?

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Actors: creeper321448, Madison_Madison, DaOnlyKiwii, Yxrike, Hulkenberg, TristainTWN2017, ColeMaster32

What would you do if you were stuck on Minecraft…? I would just walk away from my computer problem solved

ExplodingTNT SHIRTS!!




  1. Something I noticed about explodingTNTs videos this talking cows and mobs are in morph he got morph mod and this thing that notch adds is a mods for minecraft.. so exploding TNT made a lot of mods he uses it to make this added things this is the truth of this added items

  2. GUYS GUYS SOME IDIOTS (including me) WHO WERE DESPERATE TO KNOW EXPLODING TNT'S IDENTY FOUND OUT HIS NAME WAS SAM.(even failboat called him sam in the first txt face reveal prank) SPREAD THE AWARNESS