Kuzenbo has been a tricky one, shall we say. It’s hard to pin down his strengths, where to play him, and how to dominate with his unique kit and playstyle. In this gameplay and guide I delve into the style I like to build him, and show how I’ve found success in my games. Enjoy, and I want to hear your opinion too! Comment your thoughts and how you play him! Build in description below. Want to join the Raysntorm? Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2ejoOyw |

Build: Swift Wing | Shoes of the Magi | Void Stone | Warlock’s Sash | Ethereal Staff | Winged Blade | Rod of Tahuti (replaces Swift Wing)

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The comments section will serve as a place for people to ask questions and engage in discussion about the God being played. Ideally, this section will provide as much or more usefulness to players than the actual gameplay video. There are so many qualified and intelligent Smite players in this gaming community, and many newcomers and developing players can benefit from constructive dialogue and conversation that relates to maximizing their performance. If you notice an opportunity to give constructive feedback, post your own item build that you have found to work well or answer someone’s question (with an actual thoughtful answer), please do! It will help our community grow stronger and assist in engaging new players and viewers.


  1. Hey Raynday! Love your videos and I just got into smite a few days ago and was thinking that since I started during season 4 that you should make a beginner guide/tutorial sort of video to help beginners like me just starting out figure out how to play, what builds to use and build a better understanding of the game. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this video, Raynday. I love you (no homo).

    It sickens me to see Kuzenbo not getting the credit he deserves. He's not overpowered, but when you see washed up excuses of "pros" like Weak3n calling him "worst god on release" you can't help but get on a rampage. Don't even get me started on other idiots who build him full tank/support then complain about Kuzenbo's lack of damage, or compare him with defensive Guardians like Khepri and expect to be taken seriously. He hasn't even been given a proper chance and I'm already afraid Hirez may overbuff him.

    Meanwhile, both you and me get kills left and right, Raynday. While you build him more on the damage side, I build him bruiser with Mystical Mail, Void Stone and Hide of the Nemean Lion at the very least and pretty much kill everything that tries to lay a hand at me. I've even trolled a poor Zeus by going with 2 + Thorns and sitting inside his ult just to watch him die. Another guy who's not even bothering to be competitive is Mythymoo, he plays against Kuzenbos who have top damage in the entire match despite losing.

    This is why I believe Smite community is a joke, when people who can be classified as "casuals" are doing a better job at certain things than so-called "pros" do, you know something is wrong here.

    By the way, I wasn't subscribed before despite watching your videos every once in a while. I wasn't thinking much about it, but this video alone gave me a good reason as to why you deserve one more sub. Sorry for the rant, by the way, the Smite community makes me sick.

  3. Yo Raynday or anyone who plays smite I was wondering if you could please give me some advice on what to build to counter certain types of gods in because I feel like no matter what I do if I come up against certain gods usually tanks that deal loads of damage I lose would be much appreciated also love the vids man

  4. I preffer Mystical after void to get the complete 40 damage tick on squishies, then warlocks, then Ethereal and finally wrap things up with one of the robes. I recommend this build on team comps whitout mez and a lot of slows. This is the closest I have got to a bruiser build for kuzembo. After building mystical you can somewhat reliably charge a squishie against their minions for the extra damage and clearing the wave at the same time, just be sure to have blink up when you do for that extra chase potential. Also remember you can zone a lot better with the aoe damage tick. A hunter wont be able to wait around for your shell to go off as he will also be taking magical damage for being near you. On top of that the tick will help against morrigans, aos and the now extinct lokis. Its like season 2 all over again.

  5. A good way to really enhance the pressure Kuzenbo puts on hunters and mages is to begin building he Hide of the Nemean Lion. The damage reflected by spiked shell and nemean lion will make the back line afraid to attack you.

  6. I don't know who else to tell this to… I hope you can be someone to get something done, maybe. I believe, instead of adding new content, although very fun, Smite NEEDS to fix and improve what they have now. I'm getting sick and tired of the game freezing, or kicking players out of the game, and more!!! Its making the game extremely difficult, and not much fun to play. Please do all in your power to help fix these little bugs!!!!

  7. what I have found to work really well is  the blink and slow relics like you did here, but just went straight tank  with the Typical ally aura items, tank boots, mystical mail, Gauntlet of thebes, and a sixth situational item…. I hardly ever die… and mail plus my 2 can do nice damage when I'm just in someone's face. also depending on how much damage I'll take,  I will walk into Kulk twisters and such pop my 2 and watch the tick damage which can help if they are being pursued by a team member. has quickly become one of my favorite guardians