Smite Ah Puch Joust Gameplay & Build

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Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated 🙂


  1. i was thinking about giving this game another try but i have no friends and alone i will get bored since i dont have many gods lol and its confusing to learn a whole new game again

  2. gday from Australia frosty, I fell in love with your channel after funnily enough watching your paragon content, now that paragon is getting a massive reworking would you ever consider covering its new changes?

  3. We need some snipes, I mean Ra Thoth Janus snipes with ults, make a montage or something, it would be great!

    Also, is it just me or is it when I snipe the shit outta someone with ra ult, I grow an extra pair of balls it's crazy

  4. I used to lag alot and plugging straight into my router instead of using WiFi fixed that problem rite away. Worth a try and if you still lag after that you need a new internet company

  5. Sorry if I come across a little more tilted than usual, watching this back I now see that I blamed my team waaaaayyy more than I should've.
    Had some IRL stuff going on, that I think I carried through to the video.

    Noted for the future!

  6. Gem of isolation is basically the best item you can pick up for Ah Puch… It's essential to hit your zombie explosion 10/10 times instead of 7/10, that and it makes the tick damage on the 3 slow.