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  1. i think dlift didnt have good communication with haunzter, sven and now bjergsen. they are not look like friends. dlift just good with biofrost. that my opinion when i was watching they talking each other. on camera. dlift cannot do joke on them except biofrost.

  2. Doublelift im almost a 100% sure you wont see this… but you have the potencial to be the best adc in the world, only thing standing in your way is yourself, I belive and so should you.

  3. Man does bjerg ever stop? Every time I see him on an interview he talks about improvement, how he doesn't care about the standings and how it feels to be a first place team and that he feels that TSM doesn't feel like a 1st place team.

    Always striving for perfection, always discussing, This guy is just a machine. He looks like he is constantly doing his best for the team and actually talks the talk and walks the walk. He looks exhausted but he just has that insane drive to win worlds. Really gotta give the guy respect.

    I mean a lot of pros talk about improvement, but that's where it boils down to is talk. Bjerg takes it to a whole new level. Even when the team is doing amazing, he's like man we played like shit. And that's starting to rub off on the other members too. DL really has changed too and i always thought within NA Doublelift deserved better than CLG, especially how much time he sunk into that org.