Ornn Champion Preview (League of Legends)

A glimpse of the newest champion making his way into League of Legends soonish.


  1. You spent a little too much time explaining things buddy. Put things in your own words instead of reading the whole thing, that’s why we watch these videos. We want the rundown/summary, the tl dr.

  2. This champ seems stupid op if not scaled back a lot.. He can scale his team past full build + elixir. Build a little early hp regen and/or regen runes and be able to stay in lane for a long time. Multiple large aoe knock ups. A well placed enemy wall means nothing if orrn has charge. He looks like he will build tank/off tank. To me, he needs to be a support. Drop the upgrade and make it so he can buy items for one other person in the game like adc. The adc can then queue items for ornn to make (under a channel equivalent to the cost of the item) with their money. The items would also cost a little more but allows the adc to stay in lane and farm more canceling that out and allowing for pushing adcs to pressure more. Make the piller take a lot less time to pop up (longer than trundle pillar but not much) and make his charge aoe a little smaller to make the pillar charge like an Alistar combo. Either make the ulti start away from ornn and move towards him with an aoe slow and ground or make hitting the ram do a little damage back to ornn. The fire breath should mitigate cc instead of becoming unstoppable. Also do away with the brittle since it doesn't really make sense with his kit and increasing your entire team's cc duration is rediculous. Just some thoughts though

  3. A mobile shop remember me Ragnarok's blacksmith, hope the crafting skill be cost-efficient and not unbalanced, ah and without some self sustain it will be going back anyway so it can be kinda pointless.

  4. His W seems highly OP. It does what Rumble's Q and W do combined and has another strong effect aswell.
    Also I feel like they've been stealing Blizzard's newest Hearthstone Card ideas lol