The metaslaving continues in the flexQ… CHOO CHOO!
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  1. Spazie, as a filmmaker-to-be (I will start attending filmschool this October) I appreciate the shot-reverse shot in the beginning of this video. Having a conversation with Acc while switching between your facecam and his picture in client with your usual editing worked pretty great.

  2. I kinda disagree with your "no-go-rule" on gaming girls to be honest, and think you should reconsider 🙂 I'm not swedish nor a girl. It's just that If we consider the fact that couples work best when sharing the same values and interests, then you should definitely not swipe down every single girl that has the best chance to have common interests than you before you even meet. The fact that you have something in common makes it even better to start with, and makes the sharing of passions potentially easier.
    The fact that she knows you before is probably be kinda awkward, I agree, but what if the girl is so great that it quickly becomes a detail with no importance? Just let the person fit you as never before (and I'm not speaking about you putting her on or any of that). Anyway. Food for thoughts. Love your vids BY THE WAY. Big fan big fan, from the beginning. Choochoo bitch 🙂