The International 2017
Slacks and Sheever visit the Woodland Park Zoo


  1. IF they do nothing people say they boring… if they do funny dumb shit for you to not be bored so you dont kill youself you leech ,,.. then you say CRINGE… Good job you are ready for life KAPPA

  2. Why didn't they have dinosaurs there?
    According to many murrican's, dinosaurs walked the earth only 4-5-6 000 years ago, they should be able to have some left.:P

  3. As Sheev broke my(possibly one of the rarest people who admired the hosting casting and panel performances of Sheev in DotA 2 arena including her Twitch streams) heart once by kicking me for a long time from her Twitch stream despite the fact
    i implied simply nothing to disdain her, i could not get warmer as i was before to her. However, if shes truly fighting cancer,
    i won't be supposed to savor such thing you know.

    What i feel silly yet unreasonable though is the majority of the peeps who appeared after her disease who absolutely do not know anything about Sheev. That is disgusting.

  4. lol all the twelve year olds with their cringe comments, "oh I'm so cool I cringe to everything I see because I think attempts at social interactions or jokes are so awkward 24/7 ahhaaaaa" Man shut up, this segment was actually funny and there was not even a hint of cringe in it.

  5. huh duh im fat this is cringe. You fat loser need to come up with something original. And this is hilarious. They are having fun, healthy hang out while you sad loser stay home jerking off all day.

  6. I think they need to make the hosts on these kinds of vids to be really enjoying whatever it is that they are doing to make it enjoyable to watch, entertaining and also that what makes a quality content, Kaci and sheever are alright, but slacks just giving an impression like whatever that they are doing is just a waste of time, something like "valve wants some contents? Well here it is i don't fuckin care" i dont blame him for being real but at least PLEASE try to respect what valve is trying to give to the community, to all the people that are watching TI, by making more effort in making these contents, so TI is not only enjoyble when theres a match between teams but also people are looking out for the contents as well, honestly right now the best contents for me other than the matches is only interviews and player profiles, the rest has slacks in it and it just ruins it for me sorry