The International 2017
Slacks coaches Kaci in a game of Dota


  1. The unfair bot setting scripted by the one and only Valve can only give you the most realistic experience next to actually playing Dota 2. Unfair bots speak a very diverse and unique language, consisting of failed communication, useless information to the player, and the occasional "Well Played!" or "That just happened." ping. This is the very way how many players in pubs attempt to transfer information: in an aggressive way, usually in another language. The bot performance is always interesting, too. When playing as a carry, there is an extremely small chance that your bot teammates will win a lane – for about nine minutes at the maximum of course. This is because enemy unfair bots score both last hits and denies as soon as it is available at high accuracy, while your bots do not, like when your "Carry can't last hit" while the enemy team can. Resulting in two out of three lanes coming out as a loss, and powerful enemies. What is next is even better though. One team will decide on a lane to push. The other team either waits at the tower, next tower, or tries to stop the push. In the most common situation, your will be significantly weaker. Either way, both team spams their abilities, items, and attacks, all until one team's bots are wiped out or has fled. The bots seem to not understand that they will be wiped out with little to no effort by the enemy team, yet they keep trying to stop pushes by committing suicide through failed team fights. This is relateable if you have experienced a game where your team mates are completely made up of foreigners that do not speak your language. The team-fight-and-feed process keeps happening until the game ends. The only way to beat unfair bots is through counter-picking, repeated ganks, and snowballing.

  2. she is so annoying and she knows so little about dota…. Where are the other girls like Sheever or ..the other one that i don't remember her name? On the other hand the male speakers are not what they used to be either. TI3 was the best