World of Tanks – WZ-113G FT. Today I’m previewing the new T10 Chinese tank destroyer coming in update 9.20 the WZ-113G FT!

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  1. An exceptional T8 Premium, $79.99 premium shop.

    All jokes aside, brilliant guide sir! Glad to know where to shoot these things to make them cry. None shall cross the FV215b(183) and live!

  2. Honestly, the balancing is one completely different kettle of fish, but when it comes to whether or not tank being added t was real, it shouldn't matter. This is an arcade tank game, not a simulator. Sure the Valkyria Chronicles tanks are a bit of a stretch, but so long as the tank looks real and fits with that country's tank standards and ideology for the time it is supposed to exist, it shouldn't matter. If you want simulation and realism, go download War Thunder. Good luck uninstalling the Gaijin user torrent, though.

  3. To be fair this tank doesn't look very appealing. It has basically the same gun and mobility as 704 but tier higher which means much harder matchmaking. More armor doesn't really save it as it will be easily penetrated by everyone using expensive ammo.