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  1. Tier 1 Renault FT
    Tier 2 L-60
    Tier 3 M3-Light
    Tier 4 Valentine 2
    Tier 5 M4
    Tier 6 HT No. VI
    Tier 7 IS-2
    Tier 8 Centurion 1
    Tier 9 AMX 30
    Tier 10 Leopard 1

    These all seem to be tanks used by multiple nations or for export. I am light at the beginning and heavy in the middle.

  2. Considering the number of tanks that have been transferred all over the world due to American, Russian/Soviet/French and British arms-dealing and influence peddling, the choice is arbitrary.

    A more interesting question is, "whose crew voices do you use on some of them" the only place the M4 Rev saw combat was in the Middle East when it was used by the Israelis and you don't currently have a Hebrew-speaking crew.

  3. Got a Mix of Italian, Spanish and Swiss tanks for a Tier 1 – 10 tree for ya Meathead, also 2 Premium tank ideas. You may not remember me, but I was one of the last 3 guests you talked to at the Kasota MN. event at closing time, the one in the white shirt, (not the drunk guy, lol).

    1: Italian Fiat 3000, 37/40 gun, entered service in 1921.

    2: Italian L3/35 (aka) CV-29.

    3: Spainish Verdeja 1 & 2 versions.

    3*: Bonus: Tier 3 Premium option (perhaps a free give away tank?), Spainish T26B.

    4: Italian series M11/39, M13/40, M14/41, M15/42.

    5: Spainish Verdeja 75mm self propelled howitzer.

    6: Italian M16/43.

    7: Switzerland Mittlerer Panzer 1958 (MPz58), 90mm "Kanone 1948" gun, Produced 1957–1960, In service 1958–1964.

    8: Switzerland Panzer 68/88, 105 mm gun, Produced 1971 – 1983, In service 1971 – 2003.

    8*: Bonus: Tier 8 Premium option, Switzerland Panzer 61, 105 mm gun, Produced 1965–1967, In service 1965–1994.

    9: Switzerland Nahkampfkanone 2 Variants A1, A2, B1, B2, L/49 75mm Pak gun, In service 1946 – 1947.

    10: Switzerland Panzerkanone 68, 155mm gun, In service 1972-1975.

    Best Reguards, IGN: Clown68W

  4. wow you feel the hostility and frustration from meat head. Can it be that even he is getting fed up with the nonsensical patch buffs and the completely faulty economy?
    the next patch 9.2 is going to break the game even more by buffing Jap heavies even more along with Russian medium tanks. These tanks are the last 2 types that need a buff and in fact could use a massive nerf.
    Love when the other guy says we don't just use blindfolds and darts we use boat loads of statistical data that comes in….
    Then you guys use blindfolds and darts? maybe throw some bones and interpret what they say?
    Your formula for buffing and nerfing is pretty obvious and straight forward and is as follows:
    If its Russian and it can be damaged or destroyed by another nation buff buff buff.
    If its German and it can actually damage a Russian line or maybe get a few shells fired at it to bounce off of its armor NERF NERF NERF.
    If its not German or Russian just flarb it and make nonsensical changes and dilly dally without rhyme or reason.
    Poof WG WOT formulas for buffing or nerfing tanks.

  5. The T1 Cunningham for tier 1, the Panzer ll for tier 2, Cruiser ll for tier lll, Matilda for tier lV, The KV-1 for tier 5, KV-2 for tier Vl, A-44 for tier Vll, VK 100.01 P for tier 8 Mauschen, for tier 9, then Of course the one that everyone will say the MAUS for teir 10

  6. yeah japanese heavies barely touched, like why you would put a derp gun on a tank at higher tiers like that is retarded just like the t49, how about you actually do the right thing and take that away really easy and simple.

  7. Player generated content. Add the ability to "create and structure" your own tank line in game and to permanently "assign" a multinational "premium" to that line. Consider all the commonwealth counties that have a combo of UK, USA, GER tanks. Alternatively, use gold/bonds to "assign" a pseudo-premium status for a period of time.

  8. Call me crazy…. Putting together a multi-national tank line. One is put together by the MM every time you hit Battle in Random Battles. Are they looking to create a new tank battle platform with this new line. Makes absolutely no sense.

  9. Hmmm, let me think. How about actual Italian tanks. seems tanks that were actually in the war haven't seen a day on the battlefield in WOT. How about you make some tanks that actually existed.

  10. Tier 1: Unnerfed T1 Cunning Tier 2: T-45 Tier 3: Pz. II J Tier 4: Hetzert Tier 5: Unnerfed ELC AMX / T-50-2 Tier 6: Autoloading O-I Tier 7: E25 Tier 8: Anything Russian Tier 9: T30 Tier 10: P100 Ratte
    gg wg u know you need this in your game 😛

  11. my best tier 1-10 picks, by Nationality MVP list…
    tier1 American, T1
    tier2 (premium) American, T2 Light
    tier3 German, Pz. 1c
    tier4 German, Luchs
    tier5 U.S.S.R. KV. 1
    tier6 American, M44
    tier7 Swedish, Leo
    tier8 U.S.S.R. Defender
    tier9 Swedish, STRV 103B
    Ttier10* (((DEFINITELY NOT the FV215B))) TBH it is a bit sad

  12. You want to get your Mastery gameplay on YouTube? Are the big dogs too busy to answer your email. Well, Wallerdog is here and looking for replays to put on my channel. Mind you, I have my own style so don't expect me to just put it up as is. Bwahaha!

  13. Yeah it's free to play until you need to buy a garage slot we need purchase because the game only comes with six free garage slots but yet it's free to play and you're too broke to buy the new tanks because you lose credits when you play because you can't penetrate anything unless you spam premium and even then you bounce shots. ya, fix the game first.