World of Tanks Update 9.20 brings a Chinese tank destroyer tech tree, French autoloading tank destroyers 30 vs 30 battles and much more!

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  1. EASY decision… RANK BATTLES …. NEVER NEVER EVER NEVER AGAIN…. It's only for AIMBOT players and few others… WASTE OF SILVER and time… It was already like that on the first version…. WORSE on the new version

  2. First : did they just remove the glorious BL-10 on the ISU ?
    Second : looks like T7 chinese TD is a buffed SU-122-44
    And finally I think they should think about the view range system when playing 30/30 battles because imagine you are in your slow tank you won't be able to help it until it's too late ! They should be able to increase it to enable long range support…
    Anyway can't wait to play T10 French TD honnestly looks a bit OP ^^

  3. I was really hoping ranked battles and improved equipment would be removed. These are bad ideas and will only widen the gap between new/average players and the top 10% that Wargaming is obsessed with giving things to (Gold, Reward Tanks, Premium time, etc)

  4. So when are they going to do something with the leopard one. It's is arguably the worst tier 10 medium. Sure it's gun is super accurate but half the time you can't really use it cause your position is getting rushed or you don't have the turret armour to use ridge lines. In fact it can barely bounce a round (minus the occasional weird bounce). Give it an upgraded turret with more armour but in a trade off make the turret rotation slower and have the overall speed reduced by a little due to the added armour. The leopard did go through turret changes in real life after all.

  5. Ranked battles is going to kill my will to play WoT . . . Give good players better equipment, let the rest just die in silence. Why event bother when youre not among the better?? My amount of games pr Month have dropped close to 80%, over the last 2-3 months. No CW, Improved equipment for all who is already good – and a fuck finger for us who isnt that good, and like team play.

    Im dying here WG!"!!

  6. Nice vid QB, the Chinese TDs look interesting. HD models look good, looking forward to seeing T-34-2 and T-34-3 with HD skins.
    The only thing I hope for out of the Grand Battle mode is better matchmaking for tier 8s. Also wondering why the tier 7 French TD AMX AC 46 was not buffed as well.

  7. So they buffed all the Russian tanks because they are not OP enough already and they added more auto loaders because the game just doesn't have enough of those already…….the gulf between certain tanks grows ever wider.

    If you want to be competitive they are narrowing the field even more…….why don't they just remove all the other tanks and just let us use the ones everyone uses in clan wars and be done with it already.