Grand Battle, new battle type in the Random Battle mode. Updated SPG stun mechanics. Chinese tank destroyers. Balance changes of vehicles from five nations! Don’t miss your chance to learn more in our 9.20 Common Test Review!

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  1. Yes finaly they buffed that awful shell violocety from the Obj.268. But they forgot about the IS3-A!!! This Tank need also ab buff!! Its just not as strong as it was before :(. But I have to say that this is a very nice Patch! The Soviet Tanks will be stronger than ever and will take their place at the top 😀

  2. strange I'm starting to belive that we the players aren't getting back what we're asking for. WG you guys are getting out of hand with ridiculous updates that aren't really updates but more like TUNING game design/play. Stop the crappie stuff, please I played the Console version as well as Pc versions. I don't understand why u wood design maps specific to consoles and Pc instead of making them standard on both, cross platform in a matter of speaking. even though the console maps are really the same maps as Pc has u guys have just flipped the map and basically has all same general layout but instead of snow it's a desert or a city map that's become a mountain pass, u guys need to consolidate your resources an pull together it's for same cause a BETTER GAME FOR THE CUSTOMERS ANDROID DEVELOPERS, like why is there Tank Specific only to certain Servers

  3. What can i say there are good news and bad news type 4,type 5 heavy are now much vulnerable but i like the soviet medium tanks recived some improvements but i think much more to be done .For example improve some other premium tanks like the t26e4 super pershing i really don't like that accuracy 0.36 per 100m and he needs some mobility increased ,the skoda t40 needs the same accuracy and aiming time .

  4. no tiene. que empeorar a los tanques japoneses esos tanques están perfectos cono están en la 9.19 no los empeoren por favor. pero tienen que aser serios cambios en las APP esos tanques están demasiado sobre pasados de daño

  5. i just dont understand how u guys think :/
    foch got autoreload gun and u remove it and now u give it back
    and also other changes are unrealistic 🙁
    and u always nerf tanks
    u try to make all tanks looks the same which contain weakspots
    and forgot that some tanks which made without weakspots in reallife
    i really stop playing this game because i cant agree with nerf and buff u made