World of Tanks – T110E4. Today I’m reviewing the T10 American tank destroyer, the T110E4.

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  1. I'm going to stress it a little more about not revealing side or rear to enemy. In my t30 yesterday with my 155 mm. I had a rear shot on a T110E3 in wot blitz. So I immediately switched to he. I did 1033 damage to the rear of that td. He didn't have a good day. I thought what jingles says. "Time for some surprise butt sex" lol.

  2. haha i was scared that this will get a buff in next patch when i saw this new video , cuz i`ve just sold it .to many ammo racks even from tier 8 normal shells . Full crew skills and perks it always miss the critical shots . Tier 9 T30 its 100% better and enjoyable to play ! ( THis is my personal opinion )
    Yes it should get buffed ! Not worth it as it is now .

  3. QB you should have compared it to T30 vs e4
    t30 has the same mobility, better depression, better turret armor and no tumor on the top of the turret, and FULLY Gun traverse of 360
    tells us why is E4 better than t30

  4. Still the T30 is 10 times better than this td. This td was incredible in the past, now it's not that great. Full of weak points, just aim at it with good ap penetration and it goes in, you angle the tank and the engine is vulnerable if you are not careful. 6 degres of gun depression while T30 has 10…ok. This is one of many reasons I decided to keep my T30 with 60% win/ratio and I don't play the E4 with 50% win/ratio.

  5. Thank you as always for your helpful reviews, QB! I would love to see a newer review of the T110E3, as well – I could use some pointers to make better use of it. I went for it over the E4 specifically because of its better dedicated TDness.

  6. 1123 exp for "M" says clearly how few players play it …
    This is driving ammo rack, bad gun soft-stats despite slow reload (atrocious touret move dispersion!), big and weak cupola, weak mantlet. Generally E100 does everything better.

  7. This is a joke replay, how about you show some TX replays, where this tank really blows! Also mind how expensive the rounds are, it makes you lose money even at some 5k dmg.

  8. These videos are a lot of fun, are always informative, and help me understand the potential for personal improvement. But, you really ought to add a disclaimer stating that the results shown in the game play are not typical and real results will likely be less. More than 5 kills, while dashing in front of heavies in a lumbering TD versus bad guys who seemingly never pen your tank or do little damage, all while you are one-shooting everything around you… 🙂 Be honest, how many battles have you been splattered while using similar tactics? There are so many variables to success in WoT, especially at Tier 9/10. This example, while stimulating and fun to watch, is hardly a typical battle, even for someone with your experience and obvious skills.

    None the less, the overview was very helpful and appreciated.

  9. its very similar to Prototype. In Proto I cry a lot for shots failing. I cross my fingers every time I make a shot. The add of dispersion made this game very frustrating