The first Polish tank in World of Tanks! This model is based on a real vehicle that fought on the side of Varsovian revolters. It has the unique identification markings of the « Pudel » Panther.

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  1. I can guess what is the tier 1 for Poland. Its the French Renault FT. Such obvious choice and the only one at tier 1 thay WG can reskin easily. Then probably another T-34 or T-34-85 somewhere in tier 5 or 6.

  2. Ihr blöden Arschlöcher. Heute wieder nur Scheiss Teams weil ich gestern zuviel gewonnen habe.
    Das Spiel wird immer blöder. Den Pudel könnt ihr euch in die russische Tundra schieben.
    Ich hab kein Geld dafür. LOL

  3. Greetings !

    Wargaming, you always want to implement new vehicles. I understand the reason. But please, can you implement more different tank versions ? It would be great if you split the German "PzKpfw. Panther" on Tier VII in "Ausf. A, D, G and F". At this time you can find all these versions in the "PzKpfw. Panther" at Tier VII. Please split these versions, so that you can also drive the historical German "Panther A, D or G".

  4. This tank is dirty! It needs a proper clean-up!
    This tank isn't polish, because it weren't polished.
    So polish it and everyone would see that this tank is a german one and its true color were grey!