The first tank in the Polish Tech Tree. During the Warsaw Uprising, it became known as the « Pudel ». In this video, we will tell you the best way to play it.

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  1. In fact this particular tank was called Magda not Pudel. Pudel was a writing to honor one of the Uprising soldier Tadeusz Tyczyński whose conspirational nickname was Pudel. Pudel (poodle) a name of dog race was considered inapropriate by soldiers. Magda (polish feminine name diminutive from Magdalena) was official name of tank used in orders and historic documents.

  2. There was a lot of hungarian player, with no hungarian tank. Then a Toldi and a turán appeared. Now polish people has its tank. It was, because in europe, the 40% of the players are polish. Next time, they will add a turkish cromwell.

  3. Pls stop hating so much this is their way of making money …. if u have a problem just dont buy their premium tanks, acc etc…and also there should be lots of videos like this one… i had to learn this skills alone and its not that easy… took few thousand battles….and also congrats WG hope you do more vids like this one????????

  4. I am not really a fan of having this tank in the game but this guide was really good. I think you should make this guide with some more thinks into a video for the tutorial 😉 that way you won't have to sufer under 15:1 games.