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Team Fortress 2, World of Tanks


  1. Just wanted to leave it here: Quentin, the guy who contacted and sent me all these models, really nice and kind guy. The worth anmount of models he sent me makes me feel bad that all i could do in return is this simple unboxing video.

    Warminiature is a small startup company. They are still in the beginning and are depended on those first sellings. By purchasing their models you can of course help to extend their tank series, and most importantly, they can continue with their jobs.

    I for myself really liked these models and i am thinking about to replace my current models with them. I have linked their website in the video description below if you want to take a look by yourself.

    Yes, the models are pretty expensive. But remember, these diecast (pre-made) models stand out from the others. And they are not a big company, it's just a few people. And i bet licising plays a huge role in the pricing. But hey it's modelling. This hobby has always been not cheap.

    Also, before you say that i turn into a sellout channel for promotions: Don't worry. This will be the last promotion video for this year. After this there will be stop motion only. My 2017 schedule is already fucked enough as it is xD

  2. Nice endclip!

    To be honest I am not a fan of the Tracks on the tiger and would rather sitck to the Heng Long version for that. (And yes I know getting the tracks on the Tiger/Panther good looking is almost impossible with rubber.)

    But the Cromwell looks really good!

  3. Ich will einen Panzer aus Lego , es gibt Viedeos über so viele Lego Customs , man kann sie aber nicht selber kaufen oder Bauen weil es halt kake Teuer ist so viele Teile einzeln zu kaufen 🙁 ICH WILL EINEN LEGO TIGER Dx

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