World of Tanks – AMX 50 Foch B. Today I’m previewing a T10 French tank destroyer coming in 9.20, the AMX 50 Foch B.

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  1. This thing is way better than the WT E100 ever was. That thing was an arty/HE magnet and was spotted the minute it shot. This thing has armour and crazy clip potential. OP as fuck, why would you so this WG?

  2. I like these vids, but i'm glad i quit playing WoT to be honest. Everything i have seen lately is moving/sitting in the premium area. You need premium ammo for to counter either the below average pen. on the guns, or to counter the above average armor thickness of the tanks you shoot at. WoWs goes the same direction, although that game has some more serious problems in the balance area then many other games. It's like some spoiled kids making those decisions.

  3. All these kids complaining about the foch, when in my opinion it is kinda necessary with the BUFFED russian tanks. Furthermore no one played the french TD line past like, tier 6. It doesn't even have good pen.

  4. 7:50 wow what a fun and skill. wreck a tier 10 tank in a few seconds, simply because WG can't balance a new tank. .. and still IS7 isn't balanced..

    I saw a video earlier on Cliff, this tank starting south and went to were meds usually go on the left. Heavies that pushed up were instant clicked and free damage mode was activated.

  5. I don't understand why they couldn't just fix the 155.

    Give it back some side armour and either fix the gun handling or the mobility and the foch 155 is competitive again.

    And the fact that they are making it a reward tank is even more idiotic. Either you have a reason to take it out, then take it out and replace it. Or it is worth keeping in the game, then just keep both in the tree and have the tier lead to 2 tier 10's. Like the t54 goes to t62a and the other one.

    The foch line is a line that for a lot of people would be a 4th or 5th line to grind. So there are a lot of people who still wanted a 155 but now no longer can't while it still is in the game.

    Plus the fact that they only gave a couple of weeks notice, forcing everyone who still wants one to most likely spend a fortune on free xp. Or give up your summer holliday to grind out a tank.

    It just makes no sense at all. I hate to scream money grab again, but i can't think of another good reason for them to do this honestly