Miss the Let’s Battle Tour at Drive A Tank in Kasota, Minnesota? In this video, we capture highlights of our wonderful community at Drive A Tank! Learn about the tour, the player experience and what these community events are all about! And, of course, see all the tanks in action!

Our next Let’s Battle Tour stop at D-Day Ohio is just two weeks away! Demand for personalized swag has been overwhelming, so we are taking orders for the next THREE days to get your gear printed and ready ahead of time.

Reserve your ticket with personalized care package up until August 6th here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lets-battle-tour-d-day-ohio-tickets-34522658200

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  1. Man, it's already August, three weeks since this happened.

    Haven't got the personalized swag yet or the review email.
    Really hoping to get the former before fall semester and the latter before D-Day Ohio.

  2. Thank you wargaming for an awesome time there it was EPIC!!!!!!!! Met some awesome employees and players, drove from wisc
    onsin, had a great time I will be there again!! ???????? gg

  3. One thing loved about it is seeing my Hero's upfront and personal,wait was that Meathead?,Tragic ,wow she turned a lot of our heads when she walked by,compared to her on video,and that trouble maker Trom,why wargaming doesnt send him on more tours,is beyond me?

  4. I went to the event. Was it hot, yeah. Was the lines long, yeah. Was it still worth it and fun, Oh Hell Yeah! Sure there were hiccups but WarGaming staff at then event made up for it and corrected later. Being able to talk to other gamers while standing in line really made the community feel great.