World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch B Gameplay and Review, Tier 10 French Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update – New French Tank Destroyer.
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World of Tanks patch 9.20 update test server is up and running and as promised, I am already there, to provide you some HOT content about all the new things that are going to be here with this update. We are getting a lot of reworks or rebalancing, new Chinese tank destroyer, new features and game mode and a lot more…

In my second episode from WoT: 9.20 Test Server, I will bring you some fresh gameplay action with our « New » tier 10 French autoloader tank destroyer – « AMX 50 Foch B ». This thing is simply MAD, crazy DPM for an autoloader, 6 rounds in the magazine with 2,400 full magazine damage potential…
This is the tank that is going to replace our « much-loved » tier 10 French TD « AMX 50 Foch 155 ». But do not worry, Foch 155 is not going to be removed, it will stay in the game as a « Special » vehicle. Most likely for some personal missions or special event reward, but players who have it in their garage, before 9.20 update hits live server, are going to get BOTH!

What do you think?


►Tanks in action:
– France/French AMX 50 Foch B, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
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  1. wtf this WG doing…They removed Wt e100, saying that is too powerful, and now they are bringing us this French TD which the copy/pate of Wt e100 was, and even much better because it has armor.

  2. They are adding wte100 to chinese server, maybe they will bring it to na and eu? This is basically the same thing, arguably a little better and i didnt considdr it to be very op in the first place so hopefully they will readd it

  3. It's nowhere near as OP as the WTFE or even the original Foch 155. The DPM is good, but it doesn't have the turret, high pen, amazing accuracy and higher damage per shot of the WTF, and it doesn't have the mobility, armor, penetration, and damage per shot of the original Foch 155.

  4. wargaming says if you get the foch 155 before 1.19.1 you'll get it as a reward tank they do it because people will spend al there gold on free xp but i'm happy the French td's got some love
    (low pen is forcing it to use gold rounds)

  5. I don't get why everyone thinks that 257mm of penetration is low. The Trotoise has the same pen. and does exceptionally well with it. In fact I don't feel any 120mm gun has problems penetrating even the toughest tanks. Love the guns on the tier 10 heavies, especially on the FV215b. So comfortable to play.

  6. all they have to do is improve the gun handling on the foch 155 a bit, and perhaps reduce the reload time between shots to 3 secs.
    IMO that will be enough to make foch 155 very competitive.
    sure it have a terrible side armor, but i think the gun can compensate for that weakness