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Blizzard seems to have a hard on lately for reusing old bad guys, but I hope this means that they’re preparing to establish some new ones through either the next expansion, or possibly Warcraft 4 down the road. We will see. In this video I share some of my thoughts, as well as explain why Garrosh was so awesome of a character in quick detail.

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  1. Warcraft 4 should show the other side of Azeroth, adding new races and tons of lore. It would be really easy actually and it would have that new feeling, they could then incorporate that lore into the next WoW expansion.

  2. Well tbh you can't use the DBZ power level example….i mean, a random broken shore elite could clear like all raids up to WoD lol. Any new villain is automatically stronger even if it makes no sense lore-wise.

  3. I'd love to see a villain… That we get to know. One that we grow with until we FINALLY get to beat. Sargeras doesn't count because we've never truly gotten contact with him. And it doesn't have to be a good guy turned bad guy, just a villain that appears in one expansion, maybe as an evil underdog, but then they take over and FOR ONCE! We don't manage to kill them. And they keep doing their evil deeds throughout multiple expansions, until we get to kill him say 4 expansions after their first appearance.

  4. Guldan is my alltime favorite WOW character, OF ALL TIME! Sylvanas is my waifyu tho! Guldan is the most powerful warlock in all of warcraft lore! My favorite class in WOW, HEARTHSTONE, nad HEROES OF THE STORM is warlock! (i main as guldan in hearthstone and heroes of the storm!) :3 :DDDDDD

  5. I think they'll have to do 1 of 2 things to Warcraft. 1. End it after all the big baddies are gone. 2. Make wc4 taking place something like 15 years after the last expansion of wow. During wc4 introduce new people, new bad ass hero's, ally/horde have a new strong hate for each other, (because of reasons/events), and need to come up with a new super bad villain. Like an old god who has been sleeping on the other side of the planet, woke up, got bored, and started attacking.

  6. Nzoth has been established for a while now, and from what we can analyse from the data mined stuff we are probably going to go against sylvannas. (also sylvannas has viewes that are kinda justefied, rising dead cause her people are going extinct)

  7. Blizzard focuses too much on creating 'big baddies' for us to 'unite' against as opposed to organic opposition. For example the Scarlet Crusade (before being destroyed by Blizzards poor writing) were a group people could empathize with but with a darker / fanatical back ground. If survivors / refugees of this group were to be incorporated into the Alliance it would be a good foil for creating more conflict between the Alliance and Horde. In general, Blizzard should move towards more factions with competing / different goals as opposed to one supreme enemy faction with a very shallow and almost pointless goal.

  8. The Scarlet Crusade would be cool. I'd like to even see a patch or something to do with them getting up to something, whether its gearing up to attack Bolvar or just as a filler patch or finish them entirely

  9. The problem is (imo) ; it is really hard to associate with characters without spending more time with them.Warcraft RTS games helped a lot to WoW in this matter.Because most of the characters were playable in the Warcraft RTS campaigns .But we had enough history with the characters to sypmthasize , hate , relate .But this did not happen after WOTLK .Because most of the characters or villains after WOTLK is not the characters from Warcraft RTS games or they are not the characters that we spend enough time to feel anything about them except feeling nothing and not caring.