Re-live the moment when Kil’Jaeden was struck down on his command ship to end the Tomb of Sargeras raid dungeon.

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  1. WELL MET! i would like to report an exploit or more of bullshit in my opinion,with the release of the frozen throne there is this deck…thats UNSTOPPABLE valeera new hero card+ n zoth+shadow casterX2+GANG UPX2+X2 vanish+X2sap+X2DREADLORDS+X2 SLUDGE BELCHER and prep….i cant even begin to describe the bullshit more than it already is,sorry for my languague but BaBaBaBaBoom player is exploiting it right now,its not the jades of death deck its..;i cant reallt cant people are gonna exploit this deck it will be chaos THIS IS LIKE THE DREADSTEED PROBLEM PLEASE FIX IT ITS INFINITE
    sincerely a hearthstone player