Time to take a break from the usual news cycle and look at the actual content of Patch 7.3.

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  1. On the 7.3 sameness, yep I agree. This was planned out before last saturdays video, but I didn't have the non 7.3 stuff done in time. So way too much covering similar topics in a small space of time for sure.

    Got another 2 episodes of the class review series (paladin & mage) in the works and 2 lore videos, but they're taking quite a while to get through & the 7.3 stuff is generally quicker to make. Don't have to do fancy edit stuff when the content is sitting there on the PTR.

    I do still plan to do a reward systems overview, final guide of the Netherlight Crucible & a transmog preview, but a lot more spread out. Oh and a video blasting the third zone. If you thought broken shore was a bitch to navigate on food… well just wait.

    Anyway good feedback guys, going to keep my head down & focus on more non-7.3 stuff.

  2. I think the problem with the world quests are the rewards.
    In TBC I used to do the dailies with no gripes because it was an excellent way to make some quick gold.
    But in legion?? A lot of the rewards are either order hall resources or gear that is not relevant to me personally. The AP ones offer very lil AP.

  3. Having more zones isn't even a good thing, i hate all the shitty timeless isle, tanan, broken shore etc. bull shit, its just more stuff i have to do that quite frankly i couldn't give a shit about, just eats into raid and m+ time, seriously wish they would stop adding these zones half way through expansions.

  4. The travel time problem is easy, we have earned flying already for this expansion. Let us keep it. But hey, I personally think that flying should not require an expansion unlock to begin with, just design the blasted expansions around the fact that flying exists.

  5. Well legion is leaps and bounds better than WoD. The pace of content and new quest systems have kept me entertained. The raids have all been goods and the M+ system is fantastic. 7.3 looks great and yet another raid and dungeon to come before another expansion. I could not ask for more.

  6. Wow needs way more linear quests that make you feel involved in the story. I really dislike how they rely on raids to tell part of the story. I wish we could get the story through quests then get raids based on it.

  7. Mac'Aree the beginning of it and the dungeon and raid beginnings seemed very nice in terms of aesthetics. I could not explore much of the new dungeon and raid solo. Dread wastes was ugly and reminded me of Tanaan, fel sludge damage. I am hoping the wqs rewards have been buffed from when I initially hopped on ptr; that seems to be the case from the map shown.

  8. Bellular video pipeline

    (1) Patch 7.3: My Thoughts about Argus.
    (2) Patch 7.3: What do I think about Argus?
    (3) Patch 7.3: What I think about Argus.
    (4) Patch 7.3: Is Argus Good?
    (5) Patch 7.3: Do I Like Argus?

  9. Did he say shit wizad Khadgar ( 1:55)? Why is everyone so hard on him. He has been getting the raw end of the stick in game and out, even in the Blizzard movie. I am standing up for Khadgar! No more Khadgar bashing he is just trying to save Azoroth people!!!!! Who is with me lets support Khadgar.