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Prepare to meet our new deviously adorable pet and mount: Twilight and the Luminous Starseeker, now available in the Shop. You’ll be dazzled by these two hue-shifting beasts as they join you in your adventures no matter where they take you. These new World of Warcraft® in-game companions are now available in the in-game Shop and the Shop.


  1. I had to get a friend to show me the flying animation in game because you never seem to show it's beautiful wings. I was worried it'd glide like the jewelcrafted cats.

  2. "Legacy servers would shift resources from legion" lmfao. Is this the "resources" you're speaking of? Hahaha don't worry you'll get to keep em…

    Give us legacy kkthxbye.

  3. So… this is basically the reward mount from those stupid mana addicts and a retexture fel kitten? Congrats on dumping a bucket of paint on existing content and asking people to pay for it Blizz! 😀 Good to know you haven't changed.

  4. On one hand, I'd like these mounts to be more interesting so I actually have an incentive to buy them, but on the other hand at least I have no interest in them and can focus on getting mounts in-game.

    Seriously, it turns two colors? What, randomly? Wow, so interesting.

    Put some effort into it, guys, honestly. I'd rather you take an older model creature and turn that into a mount. Literally nothing comes to mind, though, because I haven't been in the mood to play WoW lately and it's not fresh in my mind.

  5. Thank you for adding a new cool store mount and pet. I like earning mounts, sure. But I enjoy the store mounts as well. I and others should be able to play the game, AND spend our money on/in the game the way we choose. The Grove Warden was supposed to be a store mount and the elitists threw a fit, so it was locked behind raid content. Not everyone's PC's are up to raiding, so no Grove Warden for me. Please ignore the elitist trolls.

  6. Im seriously so sad that we have to fill this game with so much negativity, but ofcourse i don't like store mounts either but im not gonna buy them, im not forced to buy them and we got SO MANY mounts coming in 7.3 it feels totally redundant to start spreading negativity just cus blizz dropped ONE store mount in the whole xpac.