We sat down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to answer many of your questions about the ongoing development of World of Warcraft.


  1. Yes we understand item drops are random, speccing random with more random doesnt make it not random. Okay so say dickhead raider A. needs to farm old teir content for his perceived or current BiS relic… Raider A now wants to make it better via crucible, but it just never rolls. You not only doubled but potentially tripled the farm.

  2. the guy on the left Ion looks like a big space cadet. i always thought Josh Allens name was Pat for some reason.this game is dead and sucks..good day Jesus is Lord!!

  3. this reforging problem could be solved by. : make stat follow a role/spec like MM hunters 1 Mastery 2 crit 3 haste. then add more to thoese via armor with plain Item level . så that all your stats are base stats that goes higher on your char by just having to get higher i lvl gear.

  4. The whole infuriatingly broken RNG loot system……….the main reason I left WoW after NINE years and am now playing FFxiv on Excaliber and Loving it. Buhbyeee Blizzard. FOAD

  5. when are you gonna talk about the moonkinform.. im so frustrated.. to little customizaton around the form. troll druid forms like cat n bear got the tusks that the troll has why dosent the moonkin form has that option to have it ? and can we get some armor on the moonkin form as a glyph or something. the incarnation form is amazing i really would love to see that as a permanent look , and make incarnation to look like something else ! thx from Zkall!

  6. and i also wanna add that imao you destroyed the look of starsurge 🙁 it was a massiveand big and ppl got scared! i loved te slow flow of the spellanimation it had a powerful look. now it just looks silly and it travels way to fast.. please fix it back or make it able to eb glyphed..

  7. I greatly appreciate the alt catch up. I loved the story for legion, more than the last few honestly, but man oh man it was awesome! the first time… the second, third, fourth? lol i wanted to uninstall the game at that point