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World of Warcraft is a big game filled with tons of places to explore, classes to play as, and things to do, and that means that there’s a ton of bugs and problems in the game as well! So, I figured I’d make a video about it. These are 10 things that annoy me in World of Warcraft. Some mild rage inc. Don’t take it too personally, my loves.

Made by, Nixxiom

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  1. About the flying thing, wen you level and reach level 60, you cannot buy flying, and its 120g, like its ok for people who know how to make gold, but all those who are new and want flying, they just can't buy it. Because earlier, you have to buy the other two mount passives so you can use mounts again. Now, I do agree that REMOVING the gold option was bad, but adding the free/do content flying, that was a good move.

  2. Daze drives me nuts too. I never understood why my clefthoof mount who weighs like a billion pounds cannot bowl right through, idk, everything??

    I miss dark nights in vanilla. It was a small thing to lose, but sad all the same.

  3. Gilneas was used for the rogue legendary quest but I agree it should have more to it outside of that! 🙂
    Eastern Kingdoms have a few bits and bobs like the 3 bears and so on.
    Problem with making flying worth gold now is that it's worth so little in comparison and it's so easy to earn nowadays and people would still be complaining about how expensive it is but either way people are gonna complain about having to do things that they'd be doing anyways. Let's face it, when you earned flying in Legion it felt SO GOOD. I agree it should be removed for older expansions and just have it put in as a gold thing as going back and doing old content isn't everybodies cup of tea, but when you're just doing quests and shit that you'd be doing anyways for gear and loot etc might as well attach something big onto the end of it. Maybe they should have made the first step cost gold and then the achievement you get increased mount speed by a further 30% or something?
    Fuck Daze.
    And yes fuck Ilvl. I do miss out on the more intricate stats that were in the game. I also miss reforging and FUCK warforging and titanforging. Having to go back and farm Nighthold LFR, normal, heroic and mythic JUST to try and get a CHANCE on a higher ilvl convergence of fates on my rogue is NOT fun.

  4. @Nixxiom All I wanted you to hear my tragic tale. I was doing normal TOS for the first time(I've done the lfr versions), and my group was good. I would read about each boss before every fight for any changes, and we killed every boss until both tanks left at Kiljaden before fighting for some reason. We spend 30min afk, during that time I'm watching your videos and playing around in my Toy Box collection. We finally get about 6 needed people from 1 server(their all a group) and our raid leader(same one from beginning) gives 1 of the people from that server(assist). He starts spouting all this nonsense about them being a raid team(idk lol) but then we do the 1st fight(I forgot to group for when we grow large) and he was spamming to group immediately after in raid chat not alert even lol. (I forgot bc I zoned out from doing nothing after our previous groups 1 shot run). We tried it again, this time I stacked both times but then a few of the server guys buddies got caught out, and we started to wipe. He spammed wipe wipe wipe, so we wiped. Then he kicked me and a bunch of other non server people from his realm. (I wasnt pissed about missing to Kill the boss bc I already had gear that outcompete his dropped gear. I was pissed because some nobody wannabe comes in and kicks me after I've put hours into this. His name is Bopper-Windrunner. This was my tragic story of why I hate raiding. (Shame I've been playing since late BC and I never get use to these elitists)

  5. You and me both on the mount dazes Nix. One thing that annoys me in wow is the legion class hall set. You gotta get f$#*ing exalted with the night fallen and then revered with some other random faction just to get pieces of the set of armor. Then gotta do end bosses for 8 dungeons and get 100 000 artifact power. (I did complete the pally class set with my main so that gives me bragging rights.)

  6. You know the bit about the FPS, I have a high end PC that can run most games at 140 FPS, but WoW, I am certain that it's because they are running a 12 year old game engine and they keep trying to push it to further limits that the engine doesn't have.

  7. I thought Ilvl started cuz there was an addon that use to do that in Cata? Kinda like there was that addon that helped you look for people cross realm then they came out with their own.

  8. Well, agree with the daze at least. But hey, mage mount looks sick. I'm a shaman, and sure, the IDEA for our mount was good, but come on, have you even looked at the textures on that shit? It's like they just took some ideas for ornaments, and scribbled a few lines between them, like how you drew tornadoes as a kid. Would have liked it if they put a little more effort into that, to make it look good.
    Not that the mage class mount couldn't have had a little more "oomph".
    Just be happy you're not a warlock, or *shudder*, a paladin.

  9. Dude, ever since model update, trolls are permanently pist off in 4/5 different ways, unlike the old faces, which was like 10 different faces all around the rainbow of oddness, at least that was more creative, not hating on new models, just the faces..
    Ow and item lvl.. Or "gearscore".. Ruined alot, incl the point of item rarity category such as epic or rare, pointless now, but meh, also flying shud just be available half way through or on some zones.

  10. I feel you on the mage mount, I was pretty disappointed that it was a disk when all the other classes got really neat looking mounts ;u; I definitely would have liked being able to to the Medihv raven transformation though, that would have been pretty cool.

  11. Ugh, the flying achievements are so fuckin wack. The only reason they added them in is because they don't want us flying and thus make it harder to obtain which is just downright stupid and unnecessary.
    I don't mind ilvls, but I don't mind not having them either lol
    If anything dazes me off my mount, I just run, I'm not gonna stop to attack this irrelevant bitch ass mob that I didn't pick a fight with. They can kiss my ass as i run out of their aggro zone.

  12. But they made item level a thing because the players did it first lol. Towards the latter half of wrath, many a pug required gearscore or w/e the addon was called, so you gotta blame the players on that one :')

  13. Wow…really? A f***ing dinner plate is your mount when you play a mage in WoW? I'm planning on finally getting this game and playing it, so your videos help me get a good idea on what to expect. It's really different from Runescape, huh?
    But seriously. Mages ride some pimped out dinner plate?! What the f*** were the game developers smoking when they came up with THAT idea??

  14. I feel like Blizzard said fuck it on a lot of class mounts, personally I hate the druids mount I've mained druids since I've played and I hate the fact we've been able to turn into owls for forever ( except trolls but love the bats) but we just turn into a even greater fucking owl! I want to know who thought this was a good idea or an original thought. I wanted to turn into a fey dragon or even at least ride an owl?? And also I hate ilvl now like just because you have I a high ilvl doesn't mean your geared or do a lot of dps, if I was to do feral druid and just have all intellect gear and my ilvl be a 930, So to me having a high ilvl doesn't mean you do a lot of dps, with my druid I only have a 900 and I beat people with ilvls of 915+. Sorry for the rant but since this is a rant video I felt the need to do so as well

  15. "Breaking my immersion" for flat areas with nothing in it? Bro…last time I checked earth had lots of flat areas with nothing in it, or am I just on the wrong side of the planet?