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  1. "No we won't add more cross role slots for healers because it defeats the point of them" You know what else defeats the point of cross role? Making 5 of the cross role skills essential things that we already had before. Except now I have to choose between an important healer skill or DPS. Seriously at this point they should really just eliminate the cross role system entirely. The only "choice" in it is "which one of us will take esuna and which one will take protect?"

  2. TIL about Shonen Gangan. Didn't realize Square Enix (formerly Enix owned) had a giant magazine division. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the monthly Shonen Gangan magazine is over 600 pages. Not sure if that is a typo in the Wikipedia article, but if anyone can verify, that would be amazing.

  3. People still want Physic to be good for Smn? I'd way rather they get some other QoL changes like not losing Bahamut charges if they die and improving their dps outside of their Bahamut burst window a little more rather than something with an admittedly niche use.

    Vercure's usefulness is pretty limited tbh. Yeah I've been able to do a few things with it, but I think Smn's utility is better since it also has raises but also stuff like Devotion and Contagion which are immensely useful.

  4. Yes, let us nerf Vercure, the party will profit so much from that. Seriously, the only real thing keeping people from wiping is a competent RDM solo healing the tank and rezing the healers so they can LB3

  5. Leave RDM and SAM alone. They are massively fun to play, and when properly utilized, they both bring a lot to the table. If they're nerfed, it wouldn't solve any actual gameplay issues.

  6. The question about SMN losing Sustain and wanting to improve Physick was mine. I don't even really play SMN, but the answer was all-around disappointing. The root of the question was the removal of Sustain (which makes it difficult for SMNs to solo some content with Titan-Egi).

    I get that BLM doesn't have any heals or raise, but of course you expect that, it's BLM. But Arcanist (and therefore Summoner) DOES have Physick, and they seem to have a lore reason for having Physick, so why have it be useless? If they're worried about Physick not being important for SMNs, then remove it from ACN and add it as a job ability for SCH.