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  1. Question is… would you really call this a raid? All four instances are just boss fights, which, there's a type of instance dedicated to this type of encounter, Trials. I therefore call the the Omega Trials, and not the Omega Raids.

  2. I bet they will do another FF other than FF. We will have a quest filled with monsters from that game and 4 bosses from that game the 4th one being some sort of antagonist/last boss from that game itself.
    And I will bet it will be one of the FFs that has Omega weapon on it. So no FF7 there (as an example)

  3. You forgot they are adding a sort of Savage Mode EX thats just one fight.
    (Im assuming 24man)
    So I think once u beat Savage mode, you unlock the Neo-ExDeath version, which still makes u fight normal exdeath 1st, and then finishes off with the final form.

  4. what if they totally swerved us like crazy for the next four tiers of omega, and instead of more final fantasy content, we got this:

    O5 – Dalton (with Golem Twins)
    O6 – Queen Zeal
    O7 – The Prophet (Magus)
    O8 – Lavos

    all fought in the Undersea Palace / Black Omen, a place notorious for not existing in normal space and time.

  5. Really hoping that the final product that Omega creates/makes us fight is Omega Weapon. still sad that Shinryu wont be a part of the Omega raid… maybe Omega will make a Neo Shinryu for us to fight?

  6. spoiler bit here, but the way Omega mentions how the heroes have somehow always bested the super powerful creatures I am totally expecting a multiple character battle with actual main characters from a game. Similar to the Heroes of Darkness fight leading up to HW

  7. idea that maybe we should look at the various games omega appeared in. the next major one i remember was ff12 perhaps that's what we can expect. each deltascape is a set of warriors from different worlds. so as the 1st deltascape was ff5 and was DELETED after Exdeath's defeat..i think the next deltascape would be another final fantasy omega had some connection too. maybe ffX because of the Omega ruins?

  8. Current pet theory is that each wing will reference a different game that Omega was present in.
    Whether or not that counts FF8 is a bit up in the air, since it's arguable whether or not Omega Weapon counts as being "Omega".