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  1. I mean were the SCH nerfs shown as the "preview" for SB when we were laughing at WHM? You look at the SCH changes on the job actions guide, nearly all their heal potencies went down, their MP cost went up, and Aetherflow got massive nerfed. Was that shown then? If not, then all this "lol WHM is fine you were wrong overreacting" nonsense isn't justified and everyone had every right to complain about WHM. Regardless, I still don't see why you would pick WHM over double AST currently, which I've always thought The Balance was the biggest issue.

  2. WHM is fine, ATM, but their new skills are all severely lacking. It's fine for now, but later on, as healers get better and better, the lily system is just not going to be enough.

    It's main issues still remain. They have no raid utility, which is made even worse now that SCH also has a Balance-like utility

  3. People panicking about White Mage prelaunch are why we have things that say "pre-alpha footage" when it's a fully-rendered cutscene lol. They don't understand what "beta" means. It means things can and will change.

  4. Swiftcast Aero 3 and then spam Holy for days. My holy addiction is
    kicking even when the tank is new and doesn't wanna try for bigger
    groups of mobs, so I just spam holy on 3 mobs and dont even feel bad
    with all this free mana. xD

  5. I opted to level my AST first but I've been playing WHM since ARR, needed something a bit different but wanted a healer of course… but WHM is next, likely with SMN leveling at the same time which will give me all 3 healers maxed, then I move on to BLM cause RDM is amazing but now I have a crazy amount of spare gear lying around.

  6. in my opinion, make confession stacks permanent and change the name of the ability to "absolution" instead of "plenery indulgence". if you know what the term means, you know why.

    also its pronounced "lar-jess"

  7. I use lilies solely for the cooldown reduction to assize. Sometimes I use it for beneison. I wish they did something else, like maybe increase healing by a %. As for Plenary, if the skill could proc from Regen/medica 2 with a low % chance I think it would be better. or allow it where stacks don't ever fall off until the skill is used. Otherwise I am liking WHM so far. Out of the 3 I like all of them but I enjoy WHM the most.

  8. I've always preferred scholar because they were badass healers and DPS but now since they've been nerfed I have noticed my DPS output kind of sucking. I'm honestly really pissed that they nerfed what was it Bane. and took away The Bard's ground dot ability that made it so awesome I don't know maybe I just got used to Wanderers minuet but I kind of wish it was back the way it used to be

  9. why do healers think that a pure heal class(which a whm is) has to do dmg. I understand some times but most the time I'm with a
    dd/healer as a tank they fucking let my hp drop to 2k then say sory when the boss slams me with a tank buster move. play the dam healer job.

  10. I can agree on the general parts about the healing side. WHM seems to be doing fine, mostly focused on the direct heal approach as was always the main idea behind it. In case of versatility AST as a more buff oriented heal does better, not sure on SCH as I havent been playing one lately.

    I very much disagree on the damage potential though. It doesn't matter so much in the bigger dungeons and raids with your main focus being a healer anyways, but for solo running around doing the regular content or just hunting single mobs it's seriously annoying low. It doesn't matter if you can endlessly spam holy because you no longer have mana issues, your overall constant dps over longer time is shitty and even the spike damage with pom and ta isn't all that great, not to mention single target damage.

    Holy? Assize? Assize though an awesome spell for sure has too long cooldown to be spammable for constant dps and holy's damage output is simply shitty when comparing it to other classes these days for its long cast time for any single target situations. Not to mention that the only other choices for single target, being the instant aero as well as stone don't do any significant damage either.

    With no longer a seperate stance the damage dropped drastically, because the scaling isn't the same as it was before in regards to damage applied. In the past you could get rid of normal mobs with average gear in 3-4 casts and now it takes up to 8 for the same mobs. Dealing damage shouldn't be a healers main focus, thats fine, but while in the past stone did at least ~70-80% of the damage of a regular attack rotation of a dps class in stance, it now dropped to closer to 40-50%

    Holy was so overpowered in the past, that WHM ranked above pure DPS classes or right next to them for AoE. The only reason why its still ok even if the damage potential dropped is because it was so broken in the past. Holy for AoE is currently ok, its where it should be, but what about single target attacks or 2 targets for the regular content? Have you ever tried killing single mobs with a WHM? You will get white hairs because the damage is so low and its annoying.

  11. In the job actions trailer the whm uses rescuse.But with 4/5 cross class skills being whm skills that need to be added back and swiftcast being mandatory.The real question is what was that whm ditching for rescue thats on a 2.5min cooldown

  12. I kept changing my mind what healer to play as… SCH or WHM. Then I heard what they'd do to WHM, and that seemed to make my choice easier, so I kept switching between SCH and AST, then, after getting so very much frustrated and sad… I resorted to giving WHM another go……. and … I … LOVE IT!!!!

    For the first time since forever, I'm getting complements from other players for how I play!!! I could kiss the entire development team for what they did, and I'm sorry for doubting them! I FINALLY HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!

  13. 4.05 change to P.I. (fuck this name) its rather decent and consistent to use now, just an extra instant aoe heal to be topped off after your regular aoe heals, just wish the CD was 30 instead of 60 but hey still progress, that and even cure 1 is 100% lily gained

    yes i know this video was made before the patch hit, just saying