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  1. I used to play PLD as a main before, still am, and still love it. Same as a I love new WAR despite the changes, it's useable, not the best, but useable. It makes for a nice change of pace when I don't want to play PLD! Haven't tried new DRK but planning on getting from 60 to 70 soon. Also, fuck the strength accessories! I'm a tank not a damn DPS.

  2. Okay question. Why are people melding Direct hit to their left side stuff and not Tenacity (a tank stat)?

    Tenacity: Affects the amount of physical and magical damage dealt and received, as
    well as HP restored. The higher the value, the more damage dealt, the
    more HP restored, and the less damage taken. Only applicable when role
    is Tank.

    Direct Hit: Affects the rate at which your physical and magic attacks land direct
    hits, slightly dealing more damage than normal hits. The higher the
    value, the higher the frequency with which your hits will be direct

    Wouldn't Tenacity be the smarter and better meld for your gear as tank? Am I missing something here?

  3. as someone who used PLD as my main Tanking class I've been enjoying myself (having a proper AoE is nice). Really feels more in line to what they should be tanking wise (Class that focuses on survivability). Never paid to much attention to my dmg because I should be dealing less than a DPS, but I do feel for WAR (bring back mercy stroke and bloodbath for them) since I did lvled it up through 2.X &3.X but I feel the DMG meta of 3.X didn't help tanks much. WAR should be  the tank that can hurt more but with less defense options just seems right. The Gauges seem fine I feel plp are focusing too much on the stance swapping aspect more than the fact you no longer have a timer for ur heavy hitters (Inner Beast/Fell Cleave) which late game can be potentially used SEVEN times in a row (that's some DMG). No thought on DRK yet…

  4. Don't understand why wearing the i270 strength accessories is a big deal. I wear them on my warrior. and the amount of HP difference from the vitality is like 10kHP which is like nothing.

  5. joke….humm…i tell you what a joke is…I was playing my scholar in a normal leveling roul. and the tank a PALADIN had a macro made for scholars with something like "summoning my chocobo because there is a scholar in the party" ¬¬
    A PALADIN….making jokes about other job ¬¬

  6. Drk was my first lvl70 job because I really enjoyed it in HW. My SB Impressions of the class is it is very solid against tankbusters. Thanks to Darkest Night, but only that. Overall Drk feels more squishy compared to HW's Drk version. Thanks to the lost of Shadow Skin, Dark Dance, old Respiral, old Low Blow procs to stun targets, Dark Passenger increased mp cost for a blind, old Delirium, and a reduction to hp regen skills. Sure Drk can cross-role some of these skills, but they are lesser versions compared to being a better skill, and native to Drk's toolkit like before. The mp regen from Syphon Strike, and Dark Side doesn't degrade your mp overtime is great. The Dark Blood abilities honestly feel tacked on to me. There is really no interesting mechanics to them, but for new Delirium, which is on a 2mins cd. Bloodsplitter, and Quietus are just additional dps skills that help break up the monotony of your only single target combo Hard Slash > Syphon Strike > Soul Eater with some Bloodsplitters, and to break up your Abyssal Drain spam with Quietus. The Dark Arts spamming makes Dark Arts feel less special per use. It feels like a generic bland skill that adds +140 potency, little thought to use. Dark Knight works but just feels less fun to play compared to HW's drk, and with the vit only accessory thing makes tanking feel less impactful to play. I have since dropped Drk as my main and been toying with the idea of becoming a Whm main. To me Whm just feels more fun to play since it has the tools it needs to do it's job and then some. It also feels like I have a lot more impact/meaning to my party as a Whm compared to when I was playing my Drk.

    Pld got nothing but buffs, more skills, and where able to regain all of their skills with the cross-role system. The only thing Pld lost was Stoneskin, and Foresight with this expansion, and let's get real both are minor losses, and no job even have those skills anymore in this expansion. While Drk was gutted, and War got clunky to play, and because of that most people that played those two tanks find them less enjoyable to play.

  7. As a life long PLD, I love the changes. The job is so much more fun to play now. Between balancing the physical buff of FoF and the magical buff of Requiescat, they've totally shattered the 1>2>3 button press feel the job had previously. I feel for my DRK and WAR tanking brothers, but PLD, as it plays right now, is damn near perfect and should not be messed with.

  8. pld is imo one of the worst classes in the game lol
    PLD might be the best tank technically right now, but its just sooooooo boring to play and thats what bothers me the most at the Moment. If PLD would at least be the hardest tank in the game, it would be kind of rewarding to get higher DPS/self healing/utility than war and DRK, but plds rotation is so boring, and so easy. I could be asleep and still do more DPS than with my DRK which is much more complicated, and thats just stupid.
    And btw, I find it quite stupid that all those PLD mains were crying all the time in HW how Bad their job is and now that they are waaaaaaay too OP THEY are telling DRK/WAR players to not be butthurt

  9. the only issue i could think of PLD is stance swapping how it doesn't have its own GCDs

    WAR stance swap is what 10 seconds? and DRK stances are individual GCDs….so yeah PLD needs that i guess