Friends, rivals or LOVERS??? The Leaderboard breaks down the most popular SHIPS (relationships) among Overwatch’s evolving casts of characters. Are Genji and Mercy leading the pact or did Widowtracer become the community’s favorite? Watch this video to find out.

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Do you agree with our list, are there some Ships we left out? Comment down below, share your thoughts and Happy Valentines day everyone!

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Written by: Kyle Stover
Hosted by: Kyle Stover
Edited by: Elvin Apolonio, Nicholas Fung

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  1. people keep shiping women with women because the thought of lesbian making sex is hot, not because they actualy think they are a good couple. like tracer and widow maker

  2. The worst ships :
    1.Symmetra and Junkrat … They just dont go together.(I like Junkrat i like symmetra and i played them both (I even bought halloween costume for junkrat ! and ofc for symmetra, but they dont go together .. just look at them)
    2.Mei and Zarya … I've never tought of that.And it'd be weird.
    Best Ships (Homosexual)
    1.McCree and Hanzo … Em … they look good together ?
    2.Pharah and Mercy … They look cool together too ? — I dont have much to say about homosexual ones lol …
    Best Ships (Normal)
    1.Reinhardt and Ana … They are both old and they care for each other they look cute :3 like an old grandma who cooks cookies for grandpa or a grandpa making suprise to grandma with a cute lovely breakfast he made himself :3.
    2.Lucio and D.VA … They are young and famous.They are common in almost everything ! And they look cool together !,

    NOTE ! :These ships are in the video i did not include my own ships.And this is MY OWN toughts.