To rank up in Counter-Strike, you must embrace the grind. I gotta Play everyday bro (and upload more frequently)

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  1. So WarOwl, I was the person who mentioned just discovering and subscribing to your channel tonight on your deathmatch server. I told you that there was one series that I was in the middle of watching and that is the Matchmaking Academy. I find that is is the most informative, as it shows not just flaws and how to fix them, but flaws done by actual people who aren't you. I think that reflects your community in a very nice light. That being said, I just watched through all of these (double speed) and I find these to be the most entertaining as the viewer gets to see that just because you're good at CS:GO doesn't mean you're the best.

    That being said, I'm glad to have found and subbed to you, and like I said earlier, I feel honored to have been one tapped by you as much as I was.