Ghost Recon Wildlands (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the series’ first attempt at an open world battlefield. Is it worth the trip to Bolivia? Let’s talk about it.
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  1. I hope I get this game today. It's been a shit lot of time after it came out. My favorite game in the world is already the BETA of this game! I have games such as Battlefield 1, Need for speed I don't remember what Need for speed it is and last is Starwars Battlefront. And still that damn beta is the best of all. But if I get the full game?! :O

  2. This game is a lot of fun. ive never played any Ghost games so I have no background but the environment is brilliant, the co-op is great (would be better with couch coop option) the cars are annoyingly fragile and the AI stinks, but in total I believe it's worth buying.

  3. Personally, I loved this game, quite possibly one of my favourite ghost recon games (Yeah I said it)
    The multiplayer just adds to the fun…
    It's like Just Cause but without the insane grappling and parachuting and more tactical feeling…

  4. this is my first time with ghost recon. love it. after playing destiny for the last 3 years it is a welcome change of pace. especially playing with a friend. my guy and I are more like abbott and costello than "ghosts" but we have a blast. laugh thru most of the game as we blunder from one spot to the next. sometimes we are spot on. most times not so much. still a great game and looking forward to the dlcs.