Today I finally went back and played Battlefield 4.

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  1. I love bf4 don't get me wrong, but the choppers are overpowered. they can hit you from across the map, you can't hit them with an rpg at that range, and it would take 3 stingers to take them down (1 for flares, 1 for mobility kill, 1 for destroy, and mobility kill doesn't actually do much cause even a noob pilot like me can pull back from one of those)

  2. I want to like BF1. I've tried super hard to be decent like I was in BF4. For the life of me though, within 30 minutes of playing 1, I'm quitting and just in a foul mood. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just seems like I can't manage to hit anything. I have to resort to cheap kills like mortar spam and explosives just to make it by. I've unlocked nearly every gun and gave them a try and it just isn't working. Been heavily considering going back to 4 to get my fps fix.

  3. this is beginning to annoy me now, everyone does this with most battlefield game, when bf3 came out people would go back to bfbc2 a year later and start talking about how good it was. and then bf4 came and people would go back to bf3 and do the same thing, and now bf1, people go back to bf4, make up your mind people.