If anyone has any good TOW-pun title suggestions please share them in the comments as I have another video surrounding TOW missiles that I’ll do later that I might be able to use it for.

There is something oddly peaceful about sitting on a stationary TOW launcher in BF4. In fact it’s probably the one feeling or experience that has stayed the same or been represented in the same way throughout the Battlefield franchise. Whether that was done on purpose or on accident I don’t know 🙂


  1. Hey Ravic! If you're reading this, please drop an answer.
    Don't you have the lust for a Battlefield 5?
    I mean the next piece of this modern warfare sequel and not the World War 1 and Gangsta vs. Cops…
    I can't stop thinking of it when I play Battlefield 4.
    …and if BF5 drops in the future. Which maps would you like to see in it from BF4?