Included some of the stuff that led up to why the cruise missile was sent although most are from just attacking or defending flags that often have fights near them.

If anyone has music/tracks that you think I might not know about that are YT safe or a relatively priced license please let me know. There are some BF4 moments I’d like to edit with some music.

I thought mus1ck had his perspective saved somewhere for that first one but I couldn’t find it.


  1. Wondering if you'd be up to a pistol showcase on Battlefield 1 Ravic. I've long shotted people with the howdah pistol from 200m away and I'm sure you can do much better with them than I can. Asking because you did videos on bf4/bf3 pistols in your gunplay playlists.

  2. I used to always run for cover anytime I heard "enemy cruise missile inbound." After watching this video, I now have superhuman video game skills. I shall stand and shoot at the incoming cruise missiles like Ravic …. and DIE! -__-

    FUUUU Ravic! For misleading the community on what is factual from fictitious. Lol

  3. team: watch out guys cruise inbounde!!!!

    ravic: but dude, BF game me this fking over powered item, its called a fully automatic weapon, shit can take out heli's, jeeps, planes even missles. should be nerfed really