Watch Dogs 2 and GTA5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) represent California in very different ways. How exactly do they stack up? Jake Baldino talks about it.
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  1. GTAV is the better game. Why? You're tossed within a huge open world game that can take upwards of 15 minutes to get to by foot. Therefore transportation and how it feels to get to point B is important. And let's be honest, the driving mechanic in Watch_Dogs sucks with it feeling like a last second thought in contrast to GTAV where it feels like a huge amount of time was dedicated to that experience. Down to the level of detail when interacting with your car in game. From hearing the glass under your foot after breaking a car window, to the clicking a car does when it idles. GTA wins.

  2. My dad bought something from samsung and they gave him a free pc download of watch dogs 2 and since me and my younger brother are the only ones who play games but Im the only one allowed to play m games at the moment

  3. I have not played watch dogs 2 but I think it is better because in gta you can not parkouar like in watch dogs and in gta you can not get away from the cops so easily and you can just destroy the cars

  4. I think gta v is better but i just wish they had alot more to do, for example like if i just wanted to run around the map by my self there isn't much interaction if I already beat the game n playing online by yourself is no fun. That's where watch dogs wins theres alot of fun things to do when your playing alone

  5. WD2 looks better and actually feels like a proper game. In GTA all you basically do is run around killing people with no real purpose. In WD2, you feel like there is an actual purpose behind the game. You have a proper objective to complete, and you feel more imeresed and connected. It feels like a way better Splinter Cell game but with an open world and more things to do.

  6. Watchdogs 2 in my opinion has a slightly better graphics because of the saturated colour scheme, the city itself it's very diverse and feels more real than GTA v, also you can interact with dogs and civilians what more could u want from a game

  7. GTA V, Is the the beginning of the matrix. The seed.
    People are damn near living out their life in that game.

    Turn up on the Los Santos streets after few months away. It actually feels like life has moved on without you.

  8. watch dogs 2 looks way better because there is not as much going on to process..gta has so much shit in it and constant dlc being released but considering that it still looks great. gta 5 has way better driving mechanics. watch dogs 2 is only slightly better than 1 but it is still bad..i find the bikes are even worse when they were the easiest things in wd1.

  9. Watch Dog's world is more dense. Yeah ,15 Sq miles but there is more going on in one square mile than there is in gta. Not to mention everything above Los Santos is wide open vast nothingness. So that easily cuts is map size in HALF!

  10. I love GTA V but I can't lie. I've had way more fun playing Watch Dogs 2 for a few hours than I've had beating the entire story of GTA V. GTA V does a lot of things better but the amount of fun stuff you can do in Watch Dogs 2 makes me like it more.

    Note: I'm talking about the single-player experience of GTA V. GTA Online is obviously the best open world experience.