8000 GEMS:

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  1. it is confirmed that smite tactics will be on console
    in the smite tactics describtion "it is made for PC and console"

    and thx for the giveaway ^^
    i love watching your videos and streams :D

  2. I meant Aphro/Hel, because the latter is my main and I'm struggling to find her a home. .-.

    I remember completely dominating a lane with me as Hel and another guy on Aphro, we were tower diving all the time. But it was casuals. :P

  3. I really hope that i get lucky and win, i live in Venezuela a country where socialims made horrible things…. i cant really have access to dollars cause we havent divise change here… really love the game, im a gamer at heart and i would really like to have some nice ingame things…. thank you guys for the oportunity ,please continue with the good work

  4. I know this is a personal topic, But are you a Veteran? I have a friend who was in the Army for about 7 or so years and was in combat almost all the time. When he came back, he developed an eye twitch and many irregular muscle movements. I was just curious, not meaning to be rude.

  5. Thank you Incon! I already have the gems in my account. Im wanted to get the tier 5 but it was gonna be impossible for me since I'm from Venezuela and you have to be rich here to afford them! Thank you again Incon you are the best!

  6. How do you decide which video to upload to YouTube? Surely you must play loads of games during the day, yet you only upload 1-2 videos. Or is it just a case of choosing the best matches of the day?