Today I analyze World of Warcraft Legion Patch 7.1.5 Fire Mage for the World of Warcraft Legion PvE and PvP

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  1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but blazing soul isn't necessarily when you get hit but rather when you do fire damage within 8 yards. Meaning yes, blazing barrier's melee fire damage proc would restore some of the shield's strong (prolonging it to more than just the baseline ~200k shield), but also any fire damage you would do as well to a target in your face.

  2. I was just getting back into playing WoW after 3 years away… Should I just walk away again or stay? I didn't buy Legion yet, so I really won't be out anything. I play Rogue and Mage, and so far It seems like they just nerfed both into the ground in the past week.

  3. mate, the scorch is a MUST CAST while you're running away from melees, u cast it (deals dmg and higher chance to crit) while running, the whole idea of it, is to cast and deal dmg WHILE running away ( if your instants are on Cooldowns )

    other than that, its useless.

  4. rip fire mage pve

    reroll is absolutly no possibility witch this whole artefact shit. seems like they want us to quit wow.
    well done, nice fucking bad changes. the whole scaleing idea of them is completly wrong. just the crit uproll change is good if we look forward to gearscores over 900. nerf bracers to 200%, change living bomb spreading mechanic (its to mighty) and buff pyroblast for 15% dmg. then fire mage is back as a solid average dps class.