Today I analyze World of Warcraft Legion Patch 7.1.5 Demon Hunter for the World of Warcraft Legion PvE and PvP

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  1. i love how you just go 1v2 without any attempts to outplay someone by just raw damage, even thu that surv hunter should've had you easily.

    but yah people should just run from demon form, because.

  2. I started to main DH in legion and chose it as my primary pvp class. Personally they're balanced except with it comes to defensive abilities. Blur is just ok, darkness I feel doesn't always work so we needed something else to give us a chance vs some non melee classes.

  3. Damn it blizzard's gonna wreck my current spec with this patch… I have fel mastery, demon blades, fel rush, soul rending, and momentum (not to 110 yet) which allows me to rush around the battlefield aoeing groups and generating demonic fury and then charge in and dump my fury while also getting a couple more hits in from the passive fury generation and if i'm in a tight spot i can pop metamorphosis and burst things downs while healing from leech damage. Plus I get damage buffs from charging around. the havoc demon hunter was everything I ever wanted it to be and now they're breaking my build :(

  4. @Hogmanlolz two things I've found that are super important to not are that the metamorphosis leap acts as a pseudo divine shield, making you invulnerable, and second is manabreak doesn't work on shadow priests, enhancement shamans, and ret paladins

  5. you think blizzard did a very good job huh? do you even play a fucking demon hunter? go into ANY demon hunter forum and look at the top posts. They nerfed the very thing that had the class lacking, the god damn fury regen. So we asked for something to help gain fury, because alot of times you find yourself fury starved and just waiting for a autoattack to proc. Blizzards solution: nerf it even more!

  6. I agree with what said in the start of the video, but it was pretty obvious that this would happen with the mass removal of CC and CC breaks. Classes are pretty much the same right now, so you just bring whoever makes more damage, unless you are one of the classes that didn't get hit so hard by the abilities removal (I am looking at you rogues).

  7. As an ilvl 885 dh topping charts for both ST and AOE in mythic raids, this change is super healthy. The new legendary (1 sec off meta per 15 fury spent) will have you sitting in metamorphosis 90% of the time from now on. Annihilation (chaos strike in meta) does around 1-1.5mil right now with my ilvl which is broken as fuck. The current BIS legendary ring also has godly synergy with the new legendary. Keep in mind that meta also gives you 25% haste (5% less than bloodlust) which will have you generating more fury than ever. The nighthold tier set (10% fury regen and 10% increased chaos strike crit chance) will also break the game for DHs. Its clear to see that all these nerfs are preparations for the new legendary and tier set which are honestly super broken. Also trinket from nighthold: attacks have a chance to reduce meta cooldown by 5 secs (YES EVEN MORE REDUCED COOLDOWN FOR META!)

  8. Someone else neglecting to mention the outrageous fury starving and the lack of AoE and ST DPS(flat with the 5% crit loss,etc). All talent options result in a VERY noticeable nerf. How the hell is nerfing a spec that is struggling to remain viable a great resign? Are you out of your fucking mind?

    DH in any worthy comps? DHs have been the most worthless spec in any comps since launch, and it will still be useless. Outside of just extreme CD burst they're goddamn worthless, which you proved in your video.

    Fucking idiot.