Today I analyze World of Warcraft Legion Patch 7.1.5 Arcane Mage for the World of Warcraft Legion PvE and PvP

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  1. They can never nerf this class enough. It needs its snares toned WAY down.
    Then there's the fact that Hunter, Mage and Warlock is by far the easiest class in the game. I couldn't tolerate it. They put me to sleep how easy they are to understand, play and be rewarded easily for its damage output. No challenge in the class, either. You are rewarded for high damage with some of the best CC at the cost of yawning yourself to death – topping it off as a "RANGED" class. /puke. Then this guy is your typical JumpCastJumpCastJumpCastJumpCastJumpCastJumpCastJumpCast player. Always an indication of "I'm going to kill that mage" when I see that. Bad play style

  2. I was really happy to see Temporal Flux there, Enhanced Arcane Blast (which is the same thing as Temporal Flux) was a big reason why Arcane was so good in WoD, along with Evanesce and the set bonuses for Arcane from Honour and Conquest gear.

  3. Lol everyones class is ending up shit because everyone cried for nerfs on every video about every class they dont play my rogues trash now im sure every other class is getting hit the same way instead of nerfs just do buffs so we dont hate life lmao

  4. new info out. PoM is becoming baseline and something to allow arcane missiles to be used while moving is replacing it as a talent. Prob gonna be playing arcane for this patch, if they tone down overpowered a bit the whole gameplay is still going to be viable and fun for once.

  5. Build 23109 (as of 23th of November): "Time Anomaly Every 5 sec you have a 50% (changed from 5%) random chance to gain 4 Arcane Charges and Arcane Power for 10 sec regardless of its current cooldown. Arcane Mage – Tier 4 PvP Talent.


  6. Mages Mages my lovely Mage class dont touch it blizz u know why.? Let me tell ya, first of all Mages dont got any healing excelt their ice blocks for 3% hp nothing more, no survival except the utility or frost spec, outside of this we have almostly the most lowest hp we have cast time, so we cant run and cast except if u select it in the talent tree (3 charges than what done.?) so basically dont touch it let mages be F OP again top dpssing every single main raid or trash kills LETS GOOO BOYSZ