The very first Brazilian-themed hero tank enters the battle in World of Tanks on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The tier VIII M41B Brazilian Bulldog or “M41B Pracinha” honors the members of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) who participated in major battles during World War II such as the Battle of Monte Castello.
This patriotic tank features a special Brazilian fighting force emblem, the smoking snake. This emblem pays homage to the historical FEB rallying cry. This agile and quick high-tier US light tank features a wholly custom camouflage and excels at locating and evading the enemy. Of course, Pracinha also proudly and prominently displays the Brazilian flag. Brazilian Bulldog is available in time for Children’s Day weekend and through October 23.


  1. This great in all, but how about a Canadian themed tank or a tank in memory of Radley Walter the Tank Ace. Something us canadian can be happy to run, like the other 3 country themed tanks. It kinda feels like we aren't recognized in this game, I'm aware of the few tanks other nations have that we used.

  2. Excellente! I appreciate how World of Tanks Blitz tries to be unique and do the less orthodox content when compared to the P.C. World of Tanks. Good Job and keep being unorthodox!

  3. WoT on console looks much more fun and more beautiful.. Oh the irony.. WoT on PC is being heldback by the toaster and wooden pc users itself. Unless WG has balls to drop those users, WoT on PC wil always still shit.

  4. this is a hint about Wg looking as SAM as a market? therefore adding a server In Brasil? because if this tank is aiming to people from Brasil (adding a product which stands for comming from Brasil) they wont sell a lot cuz pleople from Br get 180+ping to the Na server.